Product positioning
Brand positioning?

Is positioning only for products?
Or is it relevant to my business brand?

There are a few good questions I’m regularly asked. The thorny issue of whether positioning is only for product marketers, answered here:

Can we have a company brand ‘positioning’ — or is it only for products?

Some product positioning experts argue that a company’s brand cannot have a ‘brand positioning’. But respectfully, that’s because they are purely product focused.

Positioning certainly brings clarity to product messaging, allowing for precise communication about a product's distinct benefits and features.

But this narrow interpretation suggests that positioning is largely about product attributes and  overlooks the broader strategic elements encompassed by brand positioning.

Your corporate entity, be it large or small, has customers (or clients if you prefer). Therefore; the ‘pointy bit’ of your brand that connects your UVP to these people is your brand positioning. Not only is it part of your brand, it’s an essential component.

Cohesion across your business

Overemphasis on distinctive individual product positioning can lead to disjointed experiences across your brand, hindering the creation of a cohesive brand experience that resonates with consumers.

If you are happy to treat the business brand as just a ‘holding group’ style entity, that’s not such a problem. But bear in mind this means your individual products and the group will not benefit from any ‘halo’ glow, or easily convert customers cross products. This kind of ‘house of brands’ arrangement is also more expensive to maintain, because each product brand requires different branding and promotion.

Positioning – the element of your brand pointed to your customer’s needs

If you have multiple products or services, brand positioning ensures a consistent narrative and image across various products and touch points, fostering a unified brand identity that extends beyond each individual product offer.

But, our product is our company? Sort of...

Okay, if you are a one product (or service) company, that may be almost the same thing as your product positioning. But if you have different products, or your organisation is serving very different markets, this might be substantially different to the product positioning.

Even in the case of product positioning alone, this is more likely

Many companies begin as a one-product company, and product positioning is key to success. But you may not be a one-product business forever.

So neglect building your overall brand at your peril.

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